Photograph. Description: Image is of white, although paint deteriorating, wooden, two story Italianate Victorian home. Wrought iron railings around two upper balconies. Large palm tree left side. Condition: excellent. Dimensions: a): 8.5 x 10.5". b): 8.875 x 10.5". History: (See donor file). "430 - 28th St., Oakland." (G. Weininger, 5/2002) from donor file: These photographs were commissioned by the Junior League as a record of their survey of historic buildings in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties which began in October 1967 and ran for five years. All buildings were erected prior to 1917 and were chosen after a block by block search of every town in the two counties. The photographer for all of these photographs was Dave Bohn. A book was published in 1971 by the League entitled EAST OF THESE GOLDEN SHORES: ARCHITECTURE OF THE EARLIER DAYS IN CONTRA COSTA AND ALAMEDA COUNTIES. An exhibit with the same title was hosted by the Oakland Museum History Dept. from Nov. 5, 1971 to Jan. 30, 1972 but included only 56 of the 125 buildings. Physical description of photograph: Black and white glossy photograph, bled to edge, mounted on white cardboard. (5/2002, G. Weininger): This house no longer exists; an apartment house stands on the site.
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