"Fred T. Wood Co., Inc. 1801 Franklin St., Oakland, CA."
ca. 1925
9.75 in HIGH x 12.5 in WIDE x 1 in DEEP
(24.76 cm HIGH x 31.75 cm WIDE x 2.54 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mr. Alan C. Marchant

Black leather-covered card board album; on front cover printed in gold: "Fred T. Wood Co., Inc., 1801 Franklin St., Oakland, CA." Pages are of heavy grey paper. Photos-all 8x10", glossy surface with borders; many are brown toned.: 1.) "Main office and home of the Fred T. Wood Co. 2.) Main office and permanent home of the Fred T. Wods Co. 3) City Hall of Oakland and north view of Oakland and hills. 4.) Five Oakland churches 5.) Seven Oakland Schools 6) Alaska Pcakers Fleet 7.) Oakland's water front 8) Montgomery Ward Co. 1923 9.) The Magnavox Co. 10) Peet Brothers Mfg.Co. 11.) ThreO oakland banks 12.) Central Bank of Oakland 13) Five Oakland Hotels 14.) C.L. Best Tractor co. 15.) General Electric Co. and KGO 16.) Oakland's skyline "then and now" c.1900(?) incl. view of Lake Merritt. 17.) Oakland's Skyline 'Now" (1925) incl. view of Lake Merritt. 18.) Chevrolet Motor Company in 1916 19.) Chevrolet Motor Company in 1925 20.) Subdivisions, "Then and Now" Lakewood Park in 1916. 21.) Subdivisions "then and now" Lke wood Park in 1925. 22.) Subdivision "then and noL" lakeshore Terrace in 1918. 23.) Subdivisions "then and now" Park in 1921. 25.) Subdivisions "then and now" Piedmont Park in 1925. 26.) Subdivisions "then and now" Lakemont in 1922. 27.) Subdivisions "then and now" Lakemont in 1925. 28.) Gardens in 1925. 30.) Subdivisions "then and now" Fernside in June, 1925. 31.) Subdivisions "then and now" Fernside in December, 1925. 32.) Subdivisions "now" Highland of Oakland 33.) Subdivisions "now" Aerial view of Oakland/Berkeley c. 1925 34.) Subdivisions now Residence near the highlands of Oakland. 35.) Subdivisions "now" Entrance to Highlands tract from Tunnel road 36.) Subdivisions "now" Highlands of Oakland; road construction 37.) Subdivisions "now" Highlands of Oakland - lots. 38.) View of the Campanile and surrounding buildings at U.C. Berkeley c. 1925 39.) Subdivisions "now" Steam shovel cutting into hillside - Highlands of Oakland 40.) Subdivisions "now" - Highlands of Oakland Lots. 41.) Subdivisions "now" view of Tunnel Road from the Highlands of Oakland. 42.) Subdivisions "now" view of Oakland, San Francisco and Bay from the Highlands. 44.) "Building to fit the slope - residence in Oakland. Condition: Album: Binding badly torn; cover scratched and worn Photos: undamaged, some slightly discolored.

Used: Fred T. Wood Co. Inc. Realtors

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