.125 in HIGH
(.32 cm HIGH)
Museum Purchase

Gold ring. Description: Ring, simple gold band; on the outside in raised letters appear: "SPIKE PRR DRIVEN MAY 10, 1869". No interior marks. Good condition but has been cut in one place and cut and soldered in another. Dimensions: dia. 3/4": H: 5/16" History: This ring is made from the portion of the golden spike (made for the laying of the last rail joining the East and West portions of the Pacific Railroad) remaining when the spike was removed from the mold. Several rings were known to have been made from this slug. All these objects were so identified at the time they were made. The ring is cut due to the fact that it was removed after death from the individual identified in the new clippings accompanying the ring. (See donor file.) References/Remarks: See History Dept. file "Gold Spike" for The Man Who Gave the Golden Spike, by Robin Lampson and "The Golden Spike is Missing" by Robin Lampson in The Pacific Historian, Winter, 1970. See also Frankie Rhodes (original contact with Mr. Roberts) 30 Park Ave., Piedmont 652-2616.

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