Quilt. Description: cotton-blend album quilt featuring 16 blocks each depicting a different geographic area in Oakland (top row, left to right, etc.) Fox Theatre, Paramount Theatre, YWCA, Moss home in Moss Wood Park, Oakland City Hall, Tribune Building, Camron-Stanford House, Mormon Temple, Pardee Home, Church, Lake Merrit, Cohen Home, Port of Oakland, Train Depot, The Oakland Museum, The Heights (Miller's Home); border done in a large geese in flight pattern in black and mauve floral prints with blue diamonds at corners and center of borders; backed in turquoise with a matching sleeve at top back, and matching binding. Dimensions: 82" x 82-1/2". History: Made by the League of Women Voters of Oakland as a money raising project. Given to the Museum by the League after the quilt had circulated in the community. . Quilt has designed by Lois Campbell and executed by members of the league. It was also featured in a 1981 issue of Sunset magazine which we have in our collections. References/Remarks: In a black section of the border, embroidered in light green: "LWVO 1980". (G.Weininger, 6/2002): The Cohen-Bray House was built in 1882-3 by successful grain merchant Watson Bray and his wife Julia Moses for their daughter, Emma Bray, when she married attorney Alfred Cohen; the house was furnished by Alfred Cohen's parents, A.A. Cohen, chief attorney for the Central Pacific Railroad, and his wife Emilie Gibbons. In 1863, A.A. Cohen had established Alameda County's first railroad and ferry system, which transported passengers from the railroad terminus in the city of Alameda to San Francisco.

Used: bedding | Oakland

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