Poster. Description: Rectangular poster on glossy paper with white back. Front has white narrow border, then beige border, and then black and white photograph of four women and a child holding a red rose (5 generations?). Printed in white at the bottom right corner of the photograph is "A Public Inquiry", "consisting of", "A two-day conference", and "Two evening symposia". All other printing is in black. At the top of the poster is "Aztlan Cultural Presents The Cultural Roots of Chicana Literature: 1780-1980". Further information on dates and times is given at the bottom of the poster, including "October 16-17, 1981, Mills College, Oakland, CA and "October 22 & November 5, 1981, Latin American Library, 1900 Fruitvale, Oakland, CA". Dimensions: 18-3/8" x 24-5/8". References/Remarks: Collected as part of the Chicana writers' conference, "The Cultural Roots of Chicana Literature: 1890-1980--A Public Inquiry". The conference was held on October 16-17, 1981 at Mills College, Oakland, and October 22 and November 5, 1981 at the Latin American Library, Oakland.

Used: Aztlan Cultural | Mills College

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