Necklace lei-niho-palaoa). Description: "Hook-shaped pendant of walrus tusk ivory hung from bundles of finely braided human hair; double strand cord wrappend around near end to form knob, cord carried through to tie at neck. Hawaii. Condition: hook is excellent; few braids of hair are broken, brittle. Dimensions: from side of pendant to neck end: 22 cts. each; circumference: 9 cts. each. pendant: 10 cts. long, 4-1/2 cts. wide, hook curve 7 cts. deep. References/Remarks: Buck, Peter h., Arts and Crafts of Hawaii, Bishop Museum Press, 1957, pp. 535-8. Explains construction. "Lei palaoa (word for whale ivory). Made of walrus tusk and human hair." (William Davenport, 2/95) "`Lei niho palaoa'. Hawaii. Walrus tusk and human hair. Classic form, but made after walrus ivory became common with advent of whaling after 1820. Good enough to exhibit." (Roger Rose, 4/95)

Used: Personal adornment

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