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Mosaic Dresser. Description: The base of the dresser stands on 8 legs; a center platform is flanked by two 3-drawer pedestals; a large flat scallopped background piece contains two side mirrors (appears to have been part of an original tryptych mirror section) with edges outlined with gilded eucalyptus pods. All surfaces, back and front, are solidly covered with beads, glitter, cabochons, imitation jewels, pearls, medalions, tassels, mirrors, tiles, statues, icons, plaques--all in a variety of colors. Metal urns with female faces on all four sides, decorated with tassels, pearls and red plastic seashells are on either pedestal. Behind urns are 2 gilded candlesticks dwith strings of green and gold beads, containing blue candles. Platform of lower center section between drawers holds 10 5" plastic figures flanking a glass pedestal topped with a brass dancing figure 10" high. Outer sides of drawer sections are covered with natural-colored woven pieces decorated with abstract embroidery and imitation ivory roses. Each drawer is lined with moire taffeta edged with brocade braid. Otherwise, it's indescribable. Dimensions: overall dimensions: 6'6" x 48" x 19"; drawer pedestals: 15" x 15" x 19"; top drawers on both sides: 4" x 10" x 17"; middle drawer on both sides: 5 1/2" x 10" x 17"; bottom drawers on both sides: 6" x 10" x 17" References/Remarks: Created by Lois Anderson in 1972 from an old dresser purchased at a flea market. Featured in book, "Native Funk & Flash", Scrimshaw Press (1974) From the History Information Station: Object: Dresser encrusted with a mosaic of beads, eucalyptus pods, and figurines, 1972, by Lois Anderson. History: Lois Anderson (b. 1927) came to California in 1952, receiving her Master of Library Science degree in 1960 from U.C. Berkeley. In 1970, the sight of a highly decorated Ford Falcon in Marin County inspired her to begin her own "glued" work. Her art starts with a base to which she adds beads, icons, jewelry, or anything else that might catch her eye at the flea market or a garage sale. Although Anderson's designs are spontaneous and intuitive, the symmetry of her designs requires careful planning as well. Anderson's work has been shown in Native Funk and Flash, and Artists Design Furniture. She continues to work in this media today. This piece was created from an old dresser purchased at a flea market, and took the artist 2 months to complete. It was originally intended to be part of an entire bedroom environment. Museum Purchase
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