c. 1900-1910
16 in HIGH
(40.64 cm HIGH)
Gift of Colette and Myron B. Starkey

Head: Made in Germany E-9 129

Doll. Description: bisque head, composition body, wooden ball joints, maker: J. D. Kestner, Germany; blond wig, brown eyes, open mouth with teeth; body jointed at shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. dressed in cream wool dress with pale pink satin ruffles over shoulders, pink bands at wrist of long sleeves, shirred pink silk yoke, white drawstring petticoat with tucking and lace trim at hem, white drawers with lace trim at legs. Condition: very good (no shoes) History: brought from France to the United States by donor's mother as a child. References/Remarks: Styrofoam insert in socket head under wig. Wig, eyes, teeth are replacement parts 1982. Head marked "Made in Germany E-9 129" (J.Nemeth 11/95) A separate wig was found near this doll, with a styroform insert in it (but not placed on the head). The doll is already wearing a wig, and there is no mention of a separate wig in the original record. However, H83.153.2 is a "blonde doll's wig", which makes reference to having been "catalogued above". Therefore, I have tagged the wig H83.153.2, although it cannot be identified with total confidence.
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