2.125 in HIGH x 4.875 in WIDE x 3.625 in DEEP
(5.40 cm HIGH x 12.38 cm WIDE x 9.21 cm DEEP)
Gift of Heath Ceramics

4 place settings and 10 occasional pieces of Heathware. Description: 4 places settings consisting of a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, coupe soup, fruit bowl, cup and saucer; sea and sand glaze features a gradation of color from an almost brown green into a light whitish-tan (sand) color; unless described otherwise the rims are dark and the centers are light. a-d): dinner plates, marked "Heath" in bottom center of a double ringed base. e-h): salad plates, marked "Heath" also with a double ringed base. i-l): bread and butter plates, marked "Heath" on the bottom. m-p): coupe soups, embossed "Sausalito, Heath, made in USA, 111, California" on bottom. q-t): fruit bowls, embossed "Sausalito, Heath, USA, 104 California" on bottom. u-x): saucers, marked "Heath, made in USA", on the bottom. y-bb): cups, embossed on bottom "Heath, USA 105" with dark glaze on outside of cup. cc): casserole, all sand glaze, embossed on the bottom, "Oven to Table, Heath, Made in USA, Sausalito, California 213". dd): casserole lid, circular ("dough-nut") knob on top, center is browner than other glazed pieces in this grouping. ee): chop plate, embossed on the bottom, placed slightly above center on the back which has an unglazed circle "Heath Made in USA, 303". ff): large serving bowl, embossed on the bottom, "Sausalito, Heath, Made in USA, 108, California". gg): medium sized serving bowl, embossed on the bottom "Sausalito, Heath, Made in USA, 107 California. hh): small serving bowl with dark glaze at the foot, very shallow embossing. "Heath Made in USA 310". ii): pouring bowl with dark at the foot (co-ordinates with small serving bowl above), hole through handle, embossed on base "Heath, USA, 10". jj): tea pot, dark glaze at bottom, embossed on base "Sausalito, Heath, Made in USA, 119, California", copper handle bound in brown. kk): lid to tea pot, all sand colored glaze, inside, too. ll): sugar bowl, all sand glaze, embossed on base, "Heath, USA, 115". mm): lid for sugar bowl with dark at knob, interior glaze is just a tad more beige. nn): creamer, dark at bottom with a "soft" embossing at base "Heath, made in USA, 116". oo): ash tray, dark outside, embossed on base "Heath, Made in USA", 3 notches to rest cigarettes. References/Remarks: o and p have embossed Heath marks which are less clear than m and n. Dimensions: a-d): 11" diam. x .75" e-h): 8.125" diam. x .875" i-l): 6.25" diam. x 1" m-p): 6.5" diam. x 1.875" q-t): 5.375" diam. x 1.75" u-x): 6" diam. x .625" y-bb): 3.625" x 4.875" (incl. handles), 2.125" tall cc): 9.75" diam. x 3.125" dd): 8.75" diam. x 1.75" ee): 13.125" diam. x 1.25" ff): 10.25" diam. x 4.5" gg): 8.125" diam. x 3.25" hh): 6" diam. x 4" ii): 8.75" (to handle) x 6.75" (to spout) x 4" jj): 8.125" (at spout) x 7" x 6.75" (to extended handle) kk): 3" x 2.75" x 1.625" ll): 3.375" diam. x 2.875" mm): 3.75" diam. x 1" nn): 5.25" (spout to handle) x 3.5" x 4" (high) oo): 4.875" diam. x 2". From the History Information Station: Object: Stoneware dishes, designed by Edith Heath and made by Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, circa 1949. These dishes were the height of upper-middle class fashion in the 1950s. History: Edith Heath began her career as a studio potter in the 1930s, but soon began designing pottery dinnerware for mass production. Her production work began during World War II, when she saw a great opportunity for potters to fill the wartime import void. Shortly after the war she began marketing her dishes in Neiman Marcus and Marshall Field, and was able to establish her industrial plant, Heath Ceramics, in Sausalito. Heath made her designs to be reproduced by machine, and favored soft curves because "a gentle curve seems to provide the most natural way for the clay to flow under the tool." She mixed colors into her clays and used subtle glazes to achieve the lustrous surface for which her work is famous. Gift of Heath Ceramics

Used: Heath Ceramics ~ Sausalito

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