Barrel Lid with Label. Description: Round wood barrel lid with paper label identifying contents of barrel: Argonaut Brand Powdered Skim Milk...distributed by Argonaut Milk Company, San Francisco. Cream paper in round shape with black printing, graphic of conestoga wagon being pulled by two oxen in center, lithographed. Entire item has been varnished. Brown stains and tears in label around edges, several slash marks in center. From the History Information Station: Early northern California dairies were along the coast where grass was plentiful and it was easy to ship butter, milk and cheese to communities around San Francisco Bay. By the 1890s, the San Joaquin Valley established itself as the center of the state's dairy industry, in part because of the development of refrigerated railroad cars, the network of railroad tracks into the region and plentiful supplies of alfalfa for the cows. "Argonaut" is one name for the forty-niners who poured into California during the Gold Rush. It suggests the hardships they faced were like those of Jason in his search for the Golden Fleece.

Used: Argonaut Brand

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