13 in HIGH x 41.5 in WIDE
(33.02 cm HIGH x 105.41 cm WIDE)
Museum Purchase

Sign. Description: Glass, painted in black, red, blue, yellow green, with clear areas, to resemble stained glass. Reads "Vesuvio". In wooden from, brown, with white glazing compound at front. Two screw eyes mounted at top, one at top center of front, one at bottome center of front, and two hooks at bottom corners. Condition 3. Soiled, and frame scuffed and bumped. Dimensions: 12" x 40" in 13 1/4" x 41-3/4" 1-5/8" frame. History: From the Vesuvio bar, a North Beach bohemian saloon, founded by the donor in the late 1950's. From the History Information Station: Object: Sign, "Vesuvio," painted to look like stained glass. History: This sign hung in the window of Cafe Vesuvio, at Broadway and Columbus streets in San Francisco.
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