How to Cook with California Wines
9.25 in HIGH
(23.49 cm HIGH)
Gift of Dorothy Harrington

Cookbook. Description: "Kingsford Bar-B-Que Book: Show how easy it is to cook on spit or grill," photograph of meat barbecuing on front and back covers, wire bound, cover stiff cardboard, cover price $1.00 Dimensions: 6-1/8 x 9 x 1/4" Condition: p. 37 "My own Notes on Barbecued Beef," has a child's pencil scrawl, the edges of the book are stained and discolored. References/Remarks: Consider for Cowell "Outdoor living" exhibit From the History Information Station: Object: Barbecuing utensils, chef's hat, and barbecue cookbooks. History: These large, long utensils with solid wooden handles are designed especially for outdoor cooking, a man's job. Along with the chef's hat to make the host into a professional chef, and the snappy cookbooks to make sure nothing goes wrong, they reflect the importance of barbecuing and outdoor dining in suburban social life of the 1950s and 1960s. Museum Purchase and Gifts of Dorothy Harrington, Norm Wilson, and Erwin Strohmaier
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