Book. Description: Edmund G. Brown, Jr.: Thoughts (San Francisco, City Lights, 1976). 80 pp. in paper covers. Condition 3. Dimensions: 7" x 5". References/Remarks: Brown is not, strictly speaking, the author; the `thoughts' have been collected from his speeches, press conferences, other writings, etc. From the History Information Station: Object: Button, "Brown"; Bumper stickers, "If it's Brown, flush it"; "Viva Pat Brown"; "Republicans for Brown"; "Brown"; Book, Thoughts, by Governor Jerry Brown. History: Pat Brown was elected District Attorney of San Francisco and state Attorney General before his election as Governor in 1958. As Governor, he personified what he called "responsible liberalism," with broad-gauged programs that extended the role of the government in environmental and social affairs. Pat Brown's son, Jerry, became Governor in 1974, and reversed many of the trends toward central power that his father had supported; he believed, as he put it, that "small is beautiful." He presided over the installation of a major tax reform initiative, Proposition 13, and supported a variety of progressive programs. Museum Purchase; Gift of Franklin Cherry
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