ca. 1860-1900
50.25 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE x 6 in DEEP
(127.63 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE x 15.24 cm DEEP)
Gift of Doug Southerland

Gold Fever! The Lure and Legacy of the California Gold Rush. Jan. 24, 1998 - Oct. 31, 1999 "Silver in the Golden State", Sept. 1986-Sept. 1988 Great Hall/Low Bay

Shovel. Description: Shovel, wood handle, metal blade riveted to separate metal pieces which are in turn riveted to the handle. End of shovel is worn away from use. Dimensions: Length: 50 1/4" History: Found in a mine in the Candelaria mining district of Nevada by the donor who was doing mine survey work. References/Remarks: Exhibit: "Silver in the Golden State", Sept. 1986-Sept. 1988. (Norm Wilson, 5/97) The angle of this shovel is shallow; it is meant for digging down or creating a hole. Other shovels have a sharper angle and are meant for digging across, as in shovelling up loose ore from the floor of a mine tunnel and putting it in the waiting mine cart or bucket. This shovel has an odd pattern of wear: the tip is worn away but the back of the shovel is hardly worn at all Note the sharp edges on the rivetted handle attachement.

Used: Candelaria | Nevada | Silver mining

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