8 in HIGH x 10 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 25.40 cm WIDE)
Gift of Historic American Buildings Survey

HABS No. CA-2272-7

Sunday school room (5/2002, G. Weininger, from Oakland Heritage Alliance News, Spring 1987, pp. 8-9; Summer 1987, pp.12-14; Winter 1987-88, pp. 10-12; Spring 1988, pp. 8-9, all by Carolyn Douthat; Summer 1988, p. 6 ): The Fourth Church of Christ Scientist, designed by Carl Werner, was built in 1922 but demolished in March 1989 and replaced by the Lake Merritt Unified Methodist Church. The proposal for the new Methodist church in 1987 aroused considerable controversy regarding demolition of the building versus renovation: Due to prevailing inconsistencies in protections for architecturally and historically significant buildings, the Landmarks Advisory Board decided against designating it for landmark status. OHA claimed that high cost estimates (presented in support of demolition) for reinforcement were based on inadequate information and sought a Preservation Services grant from the National Trust. Despite reports by several organizations about its historic significance and protests by neighborhood groups, as well as by Allan Temko (the San Francisco Chronicle's architecture critic), against destruction of the building-or urging at least incorporation of its faヘade into the new design-the City Council approved the Methodist Church's design review application for an entirely new building in March 1988. (As a result of this controversy, there was renewed interest in developing better guidelines for historic landmark designation and preservation.)
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