10 in WIDE
(25.40 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard-Gibbon

University of California Highlands of Oakland City Hall Broadway 14th St. Telegraph Av Washington St. Franklin St.

Donated by Charles Howard-Gibbon who received the materials in this collection from his grandfather. Alan Howard-Gibbon came to California in 1924 from Victoria, British Columbia. He was 37 years old. He settled in Oakland and was in the real estate business, where he became an associate of Fred Wood Real Estate firm. The photographs with their captions were a part of promotional presentations made by the firm in the 1920's regarding the many Oakland real estate developments accomplished by Fred T. Wood. In the early 1930's Alan became a regional real estate appraiser for the Federal Housing Authority and in 1950 became the Chief Appraiser. He lived in Oakland until his death in 1980, having resided at 521 Mandana from 1924 to 1941, and 2127 Las Aromas from 1941 to 1980. Fred Wood later became a prominent local politician and we have both real estate materials and political materials donated by his family in our collections. Caption below photograph reads:"Fred T. Woods Co. Subdivisions "Now." Highlands of Oakland An airplane view showing the Highlands of Oakland in direct line with the City's growth, and ajoining (sic) a highly developed section of fine homes."
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