Souvenir Views
3.6 in|3.375 in WIDE x .25 in DEEP
(9.14 cm|8.57 cm WIDE x .63 cm DEEP)
Family of Joyce Lobner and Hope Lobner Cahill

Souvenir Views, 16 in Color, Hollywood, Calif.

A: Patriotic designed packet case, addressed on the reverse to Joyce E. Lobner, 268 Grand Avenue, Oakland 10, Calif., mailed with 1 1/2 cent stam, postmarked Los Angeles, Calif, April 15, 1947.; B: "Greetings from Hollywood California"; C: Night scene with lights and palm trees, "A World Premiere Night in Hollywood, California; D: landscape, "Beautiful Homes in the Hollywood Hills, Hollywood, Callifornia"; E: night scene, "Wm. Mulholland Memorial Fountain, Griffith Park, Hollywood, California" F: landscape, "Poinsettia Field, Hollywood, California"; G: Earol Carroll Theatre, "A Gay Night Spot of Hollywood, California"; H: "Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California"; I: "Planetarium, Hollywood, California"; J: street scene, "Hollywood Bowl Entrance and Cahuenga Pass Freeway, Hollywood, California"; K: "Planetarium and View of Hollywood, Calif."; L: street scene, "Hollywood Boulevard"; M: "Night Scene, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, Calif."; N: city scape with Grauman's Chinese Theater "Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Calif."; O: "Premiere Night, Carthay Circle Theater, Beverly Hills, Calif."; P: "Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood, California"; Q: split image card, "Radio City, Hollywood, Calif." and "New Studios of CBS and NBC".

Used: souvenir

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