Oakland Raiders Football team schedule of games, roster of players, including photos of team players. Collection pertains to donor's husband Scotty Stirling, Bay Area sports personality and his association with The Oakland Raiders professional football team and the Oakland Oaks professional basketball team. Gordon "Scotty" Stirling was born in El Cerrito and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. In 1947 he became sportswriter for the Oakland Tribune. When Oakland was first being considered for an AFL franchise 1960, Scotty was credited with playing a major role in creating the interest which led to the granting of the franchise through his enthusiastic sports reportage. In 1964 Stirling was asked to join the Oakland Raiders as Public Relations Manager by General Manager and Head Coach Al Davis. In 1966 he became General Manager when Al Davis was appointed Football Commissioner. After two years Stirling left the Raiders and became Assistant Manager of the new (and short lived) Oakland Oaks Basketball team. In 1970 Stirling became Sportscaster for KNEW radio for Oakland Raiders games, in which capacity he remained for a number of years before retiring to Castro Valley where he is currently living.

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