Feb. 19, 1902
5.5 in HIGH x 8.25 in WIDE
(13.97 cm HIGH x 20.95 cm WIDE)
Gift of Mrs. Judy Soden

Galloway Litho. Co., S.F.; Address all communications to the Firm - Not To Deparments or Managers. The Emporium (an Golden Rule Bazaar) New York offcie, 108 Worth St., Dresden Office, Bismarckplatz 13; San Francisco, Feb 19, 1902, Folio, Dept. 38, Sold to Oakland Pioneer Sod Co., 6 Brussels rugs light color, 7.50. Paid W. F. Cordis, per MC, 2/20/02

The Oakland Pioneer Soda Co., is probably the name of Mr. Baker's business. Investment records (not in the collections of The Oakland Museum) indicated that Mr. Baker was in a water/soda business.

Used: The Galloway Lithographing Co. | San Francisco | A. W. Baker | Oakland Pioneer Soda Co. | The Emporium | San Francisco | Brussels rug

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