Gift of Mrs. Judy Soden

Tax on $100.00 Valuation $1.26. No. 1114 City Taxes, Oakland City, 1905. Oakland, Description of Property, Furniture, 1319 Grove St. Amt. of Assessment, $100.00, Total Tax $1.26. Oakland, Alameda County, Jul 31, 1905. Received from A. W. Brown Jr. the sum of One and 26/100 Dollars. ($1.26) Being the amount of CITY TAXES for the year 1905 on the above named Personal Property. A. H. Breed, Ex-Officio Assessor. By. G E Wade, Deputy Assessor. (Note that Baker's name was mis-entered on the receipt as Brown.)

Used: A. W. Baker, Jr. | Oakland | Furniture

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