Quoting newspaper clipping on back of photograph: "BUDDY BAER, weight 244, Oakland , knocked out Frankie Connelly, 243, Fresno, in seven seconds of the first round of a scheduled six-rounder at the Oakland auditorium last night. A right flush to the chin dropped Connelly for the count. Buddy put so much force into the punch that the follow-trough, as they say on the golf course, catapulted him headlong. But he leaped up like a veteran, went to his corner and there awaited for Lieutenant Jess Kenworth, one of the heroes of the U.S.S. Macon disaster, to count ten. Champion Max Baer whooped in glee, admitted the Baer family is big enough for two heavyweight champions. Post-Enquiree cameraman, took this fine picture."

Used: Oakland Post-Enquirer

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