ca. 1925
36 in WIDE
(91.44 cm WIDE)
Gift of Bricklayers Local # 8

Oakland,Cal. organized 1881

Used in community parades and other gatherings as well as hanging in the union hall, the banner was donated at this time because the union is merging with another and their name will change. The organization, founded in 1881 is one of the oldest intact union groups in California. The standard or banner is very elaborate with heavily applied metallic gold fringe, passementerie, tassels and lettering. The top scalloped valence is beige velveteen, the main panel is heavy satin and taffeta, originally royal blue, now slightly faded. In the center is a hand painted square which includes the primary tools of the bricklayers trade:plumb bob, trowel, square, level, mason's hammers.

Used: Bricklayers-Masons Union Local No. 8 | Oakland | Parade

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