Everett and Jones 20th Anniversary
Gift of Ms. Inez C. Brooks-Myers

Everett and Jones 20th Anniversary ...... La mont, Yvette, Dorcia ...... Ronnie, Donnie DeDe.

White cotton T-shirt imprinted to celebrate Everett and Jones 20th Anniversay. Everett and Jones is an East Bay barbeque restaurant chain, started by Dorothy Exerett, in Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward and Pleasanton. According to newspaper article by Bill Mandel (July 25, 1993 San Francisco Examiner - see donor file for copy) the Jones in Everett and Jones is Dorothy's son-in-law, James Jones, who helped her with materials for the counter in the first restaurant. The restaurant business is run by Mrs. Everett and her children (eight daughters and one son) with thirty-nine employees. The 20th Anniversary dinner was a tribute for Dorothy Everett, held at the Oakland Scottish Rite Auditorium (1547 Lakeside Drive) on Saturday, July 31, 1993. The back of the shirt is imprinted with over fifty first names. The first row is obviously the Everett and Jones family: Dorothy, James, Virginia, Annie, Dorothy (Jr.), George, Shirley, Mary, Helen, Yolanda and Angie. The other names may be family and/or employees: La mont, Yvette, Dorcia, James Jr., Shawn, Laraine, Nina, Dawn, Sabrina, Alfonzo, Donald, Dottie, Jesse, Shamar, Hassan, Aisha, Kenya, Tremaine, Travion, John, Terrell, George Jr., Christian, Auzerais, Yolanda, Abayomi, Kimberly, Keenan, Willie, Wess, John, Joe, Glenn, Casey, Sean, Donjel, Tonya, Ronnie, Donnie and DeDe. The printed names are in black. The T-shirt is printed in black, red and orange (the red and orange used are for the bricks and fire motifs and as accents to the other lettering. Cataloguing fine, no additional comments. (Trish Cunningham, 12/7/1993)

Used: unisex | Adult | Promotional | African American

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