Everett and Jones 20th Anniversary MENU, Super Q
July, 1993
8.5 in HIGH x 5.5 in WIDE
(21.59 cm HIGH x 13.97 cm WIDE)
Gift of Ms. Inez C. Brooks-Myers

Everett and Jones 20th anniversary, 1973 - 1993, MENU Super Q, .... Author Unknown

Blue paper, single fold, menu for Everett and Jones 20th anniversary, 1973-1993. Jar of Everett and Jones Barbeque Sauce is illustrated on the cover. Oakland, 3415 Telegraph, 601-9377. Inside is menu ... All of our meals are served with potato salad, wheat bread and your choice of mild, medium or hot sauce. (No Substitutions!) Extra bread upon request. CHICKEN.....RIBS.....BEEF LINKS.....BEEF.....COMBINATIONS.....SIDE ORDERS....., on the back is Super Q Sauce "Three grades of this viscous coffee-colored miracle - mild, medium and not for beginners - HOT!" Charlie Haas, New West Magazine. !!! Bring Your Own Container!!! 12 ounces...$2.75, Pint...$4.00, Quart...$7.75, 1/2 Gallon...$15.00, Gallon...$28.00. (You can also purchase 12 ounce jars of Everett & Jones Super Q Barbeque Sauce at Safeway, Lucky and other Local supermarkets.)....Catering services are available...Winners versus Losers .......Author Unknown.

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