Lizzie Enos #2
Gift of the Aeschliman-McGreal Collection

Patricia Aeschliman McGreal, 1993: Lizzie Enos #2, 1990, Lizzie Johnson Enos - 1882-1968, "Lizzie Enos lived at what was formerly a Nisenan Indian Camp called Chum-pen Pakan (in the Auburn Nisenan dialect) or Chukam Pakan (in the Clipper Gap area somewhat northeast of Auburn where her house was located) in her later years. The name meant Small Spring Bulb. Mrs. Enos was one of the last Nisenan "old-timers" who had had direct connections with "old-timers" who remembered personally the ways of the Nisenan before Sutter arrived. She knoe the old ways of doctoring with herbs and special prayers. She was called "Auntie" by both Dalbert and Betty Castro and was a frequent vistor at the Murray-Castro home on the Auburn rancheria. A long-gone roundhouse had stood on what became the Enos property."
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