5 in HIGH x 7 in WIDE
(12.70 cm HIGH x 17.78 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

Envelope reads "Mills college. Miss Naomi Allee, one of the Mills college students who are enrolled in class of eurythemics. 12-17-16." Negative shows a girl performing a dance on a lawn in front of a group of trees. She is facing her right, with her right foot planted on the ground and her left bent up behind her. Her arms are spread out on either side of her and her head is tilted back. She is wearing a costume, either dance or excercise, which consists of a gather blouse that reaches mid-thigh and a knee-length straight skirt. (The outfit resembles a Greek goddess costume.) Eurythemics was a technique developed by Jaques Dalcroze (1903) which encouraged harmonious bodily movements. His system was aimed at controlling the body using a system of gymnastics combined with music. It was meant to train the student to develop an unconscious response to a musical composition and eventually to be able to interpert an entire composition through various gestures. His system influenced the field of musical instruction and ballet.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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