10 in HIGH x 8 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 20.32 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

Handwritten on the Back, "L-R, Augie Pedlar, Miss Mildred Doran, unidentified [in black ink] Navy Chief Manley Lawing- later disqualified as navigator, [in pencil again] by plane 'Miss Doran.'" Clipping from Tribune, August 11, 1957, "Mildred Doran, pilot Augie Pedlar (in straw hat) and an unidentified man just before the ill-omened flight." Photo shows Pedlar on the left, wearing patterned knickers, knee socks, leather shoes, a suit jacket, button-up shirt and necktie and holding a straw hat in his right hand. Next to him, in the middle, is Mildred Doran wearing a low waisted "flapper" styled dress with a droppy bow at the neck, a pearl necklace, long coat, tights, high-heeled shoes and a close fitting hat. On the right is Manley Lawing in a Navy uniform holding either a pencil or screwdriver in his hands. Behind them is the front of the "Miss Doran" with the propeller sitting horizontal and "Miss Doran, Flint Mich." printed in small letters on the casing around the base of the propellar where it fits over the engine. See H96.1.1864 for information on the Dole Race and on the Miss Doran.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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