Handwritten on the back, "Port of Oakland's new docking facilities foot of 7th." Clipping from Tribune, May 21, 1967-- "Port of Oakland's Seventh Street Terminal takes on its new shape with dramatic thrust into Bay." Photo is an aerial view of the terminal. Several buildings at the bottom of the photo with several ships docked at the piers. The area of the new terminal is still being dredged. In the background is the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island, and Treasure Island. (D. Cooper, 2/99) The area of the terminal has been diked to received dredge spoils from the construction of the BART tube and other dredging projects. A pipeline for dredge materials crosses the dike at the right edge of the dike. The dredge materail would be pumped through the pipiline into the diked area to create land fill. The buildings at the bottom of the photo are part of the Fleet Industrial Supply Center of the Navy buildt in World War II. Compare to H96.1.2093, a later view of the project from July 27, 1967. Albers Brothers Milling Co. is the white industrial complex at the right edge of the photo.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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