Clipping on the back, March 4, 1945-- "Sponsors at the sextuple launching. Left to right, they are: Miss Nathalie Byington, Mrs. J.A. Moore, Mrs. G.A. Armes, Mrs. R.S. Moore, Mrs. J.W. Hoover, and Miss Charlotte Moore. Launching of six ships from one yard on one tide within a period of 55 minutes, established a record which still stands, at this writing." Photo shows the six women posing together in front of a ship. They are all holding large bouquets of flowers. They are all wearing heavy coats and hats. At the bottom of the photo on the front is written "Mesdames R.S. Moore, J.A. Moore, G.A. Armes, J.W. Hoover, Misses Nathalie Byington and Charlotte Moore. Sponsors at sextuple launching. Moore Shipbuilding Company, Oakland, Cal."

Used: Oakland Tribune

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