A copy of a photograph of Taft and Pennoyer department store. The photo is taken from across the street. The building is viewed fron the corner. There are automobiles parked on the street and pedestrians on the sidewalks and crossing the streets. The building is three stories high with retail space on the street floor. The street windows have large awnings over them. The windows on the upper two floors are engraved with a T and a P design on each window. Above the building are two large signs that say, "Taft and Pennoyer". The signs look like they light up at night. There is also a vertical sign mounted onto the side of the building at the corner. There are street lights along the side walk in front of the building. History files tell that this store was across the street from the H.C. Capwell's store on fourteenth and Clay streets. It also says, "In 1928, two years after The Emporium and the H.C. Capwell Company merged to form the Emporium Capwell Company, the half-century old firm of Taft and Pennoyer was purchased and its stock integrated into those of Capwell's. In the same year ground was broken for a brand new H.C. Capwell Company store--a modern $10 million structure at 20th and Broadway."

Used: The Emporium

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