A photograph of the Capwell's Tire Center. A portion of the Capwell's parking lot has been converted into a retail auto supply store and a garage for fixing tires. The builing is on the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Nineteenth Street. It is a one story building with a large sign over it that reads, "Capwell's Tire Center". Around the tire shop signs read, "Mufflers, Shocks, Brakes, Auto supplies, Tires, Alinement". There are four garage spaces behind the retail shop. There is one car in the garage and other cars both parked on the street and driving along Telegraph Avenue. There is a bus stop and bench on the corner in front of the tire shop. There is also street lights and parking meters along the sidewalk. On the corner of Telegraph and 19th, there is a "No right turn" sign. Beyond the buildings behind the tire shop, the very top of the Oakland City Hall can be seen. Signs on the building on 19th Street read, "RCA Victor TV, Stereo. Appliance Center, Whirlpool Appliances."

Used: H.C. Capwell Co.

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