The map of the downtown Oakland area was produced by Sanborn Map Co. The area shown is the 1900 block of Telegraph and the lots bordered by 19th, 20th, and Broadway Streets. An ajacent lot bordered by William and 19th Streets is also shown. The lot at Broadway and 20th was purchased by H. C. Capwell Co. in 1927. The map would have been used by Capwell and contractors before breaking ground. The map shows the Eastbay Market at William and Telegraph. There is also a creamery. At 19th and Telegraph are apartments, a drugstore, a Chinese herb store, and at Broadway, a dance hall. Next to the dance hall is an auto market and further up Broadway is a tire shop. The corner at Telegraph and 20th is vacant. The map has a key to signs and colors used in Sanborn Maps in the upper left corner. "Located in Oakland, Calif." is on the bottom.

Used: H.C. Capwell Co.

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