Handwritten on the back of the mounting board, "Putting up brick and terra cotta Spring 1929." Photo is of the construction of the new H.C. Capwell store on Broadway and 20th in downtown Oakland. None of the windows are in yet and workers are lounging in the window frames on the left side of the building- they appear to be eating or taking a break. A wood cover runs along the exterior of the ground floor covering the sidewalk. On one side of this wood structure is a sign that says "Oakland's Largest Department Store" and on the other side "New Home of The H.C.Capwell Co." A sign in the middle of the building says "P.J. Walker Co. Builders." Two trucks are driving down 20th St. and several cars are parked on the curb. A sign for "The Ballroom" can be seen on the building next to Capwells on Broadway.

Used: H.C. Capwell

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