Phi Psi 500

Phi Psi 500. A Benefit for Oakland Children's Hospital; Sponsored by Domino's Pizza. September 19, 1987.

White cotton knit T-shirt, printed in blue, yellow, brown and black, and worn by Elizabeth Arney while she was a student at the University of California, Berkeley. She was an busy student, involved in many activities, including women's sports, especially Women's LaCrosse. This shirt is a souvenir of a race sponsored by the Phi Psi's at the University of California, Berkeley. "Phi Psi 500" is printed in blue on the pocket, proper left front of the shirt. The back of the shirt shows Oski (University of California mascot) running, with the black and white checkered flag of a winner behind him. "Phi Psi 500. A Benefit for Children's Hospital, Oakland, Sponsored by Domino's Pizza, September 19, 1987." Label at the nape of the neck: "Hanes, Beefy-T, 100% cotton, Made in U.S.A., L42-44."

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