Mendelson the Tailor, 1113 Broadway, Oakland, Cal.

Three piece navy blue wool suit worn by Harry Price Harmon when he married Helen Mary Smith at her family home, 871 54th Street, Oakland, on August 25, 1934. (She wore a white lace gown with a cape. On their homeymoon the drove up the Redwood Highway.) Harry worked in the office of an oil company. (Helen worked for a printing company in Oakland as a stenographer and bookkeeper and continued working after her marriage.) A: Coat, single breated coat fastens in the front with two navy blue buttons. One breast pocket (left side), darts at waist, one pocket with flap on either side below waist. Long sleeves, with two buttons at the cuff of either sleeve. Pockets on the inside on left and right sides. Inside proper right pocket has label: "Mendelson The Tailor, 1113 Broadway, Oakland, Cal." Sleeves lined in natural colored cotton twill. B: Vest, matches Coat and trousers, navy blue wool, the back is made of satin-faced navy blue fabric (probably rayon, could be silk), lined in natural colored cotton twill. The vest fastens down the front with six navy blue buttons. Outside pocket on either side in the front, and one inside pocket of the proper right side. C: Trousers, match Coat and vest, have a cuff at the bottom of the trouser leg; one pocket on either side of the back, each with a button flap, inseam pockets on either side, one watch pocket, proper right front. The trousers fasten in the front fly with four buttons, one button and one hook at the waist. There are six belt loops at the waist. Waist line with twill weave cotton, pockets made of heavy cotton twill (duck?) Interior trouser seams overcast in white.

Used: Harry Price Harmon | Wedding | Oakland

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