Made of rose colored silk damask (pattern in pale pink), this dress has long sleeves. The standing collar, neckline, front yoke, cuffs and hem are decorated with two rows of silk satin flat piping in rose and pale pink. The top of the front yoke is decorated with three rose colored silk satin closures in the form of flowers, which are padded in pale pink satin. Each cuff closes with two black metal snaps. The garment fastens down the right with black metal snaps. Sophia Chang came to Palo Alto, California from Shanghai, China, where she had graduated from Shanghai University. One job that she had held in China was as a translator for movies, translating the dialogue of American films into Chinese. She was also an artist. She was born in Beijing, China in 1915 and died in Oakland, California in 1995. Miss Chang came to Palo Alto around 1947. She met Honki L. Wong, who was an Oakland resident.

Used: Sophia Chang | Sophia Chang Wong | Shanghai, China | Oakland | Adult | Female

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