2.25 in HIGH x 3.825 in WIDE x 2.825 in DEEP
(5.71 cm HIGH x 9.72 cm WIDE x 7.18 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mrs. Della Hardmon Guess, Della's Tea Cup Cafe

"Bessie A. Sitsby, 1899"

The cups and saucers in this collection come from Della's Tea Cup Cafe, 7309 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, which was established in February, 1967. The cafe is noted for, and decorated with, a very large collection of tea cups. Some of the cups were purchased by the owner, others were presented to her as gifts, while still others were made for her. This cup is a punch glass made of clear glass that has pressed along its lower half and base to resemble geometrically etched crystal. The upper portion has been treated with a ruby red finish and then engraved with inscription: "Bessie A. Sitsbury, 1899" and surrounded by many small decorations in the form of curved lines ("commas") and dots. The handle is of clear glass and was molded in one with the cup. The donor said: "My mom had a couple of these. They used to give them as [gifts]. They made them special [for girls]. My mom had a punch bowl set [similar to this cup]. [It had] two parts, a center bowl and then a pedastal and about 14 cups hung on [it]."

Used: Della's Tea Cup Cafe | Della Hardmon Guess | African American | Drinking | Lynn Neighborhood

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