4.125 in HIGH
(10.48 cm HIGH)
Gift of Mrs. Della Hardmon Guess, Della's Tea Cup Cafe

C.W.S., Labor and Wait, 3, Longton; 32X; Charlie Byrd 4/12/75

The cups and saucers in this collection come from Della's Tea Cup Cafe, 7309 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, which was established in February, 1967. The cafe is noted for, and decorated with, a very large collection of tea cups. Some of the cups were purchased by the owner, others were presented to her as gifts, while still others were made for her. Cup is porcelain, glazed in white and decorated with two decals. The decal on the front, in black, red, blue, green, and tan, is largest and commemorates Armistace Day. Four flags, United States, France, Italy?, and England surround a globe. A dove is perched on top and a banner that reads "Peace" is stretched across the equator. Beneath the globe is a second banner with the date: "November 11th 1918;" it is placed in the center of a laurel wreath. To the proper left of the decal is "1914," to the proper right is "1918," and beneath is the text: "The Great World War." On the opposite side of the cup is a smaller decal, approximately 1 inch in diameter, and rendered in black, red, green and tan. A dove holding an olive branch in its beak is in the center of a belt ring; above and below the belt the scales of justice are visible. The text: "Peace and Justice" curves around the upper part of the decal. The lip is decorated with a metallic gold stripe. The bottom has a green manufacturer's mark: "C.W.S." above a bushel of wheat; across the bushel is a banner reading: "Labor and Wait" with a shovel on its proper right and a scythe on its proper left; below is the word: "Longton." There are two adhesive labels: one reads "32XX" and the other: "Charlie Byrd 4/12/75." The donor said: " I want you [the oakland Museum] to take that because its history. Well, what you should do is check it out... Find out some more details about that war to go with that cup. Charlie Byrd donated me that cup. He just wanted me to have it."

Used: Della's Tea Cup Cafe | Della Hardmon Guess | African American | Drinking | Lynn Neighborhood

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