The Tale of Peter Rabbit
c. 1965
5.25 in WIDE x .25 in DEEP
(13.33 cm WIDE x .63 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mrs. Della Hardmon Guess, Della's Tea Cup Cafe

by Beatrix Potter

The cups and saucers in this collection come from Della's Tea Cup Cafe, 7309 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, which was established in February, 1967. The cafe is noted for, and decorated with, a very large collection of tea cups. Some of the cups were purchased by the owner, others were presented to her as gifts, while still others were made for her. This book was brought into Della by a customer one day, to do with the Peter Rabbit mug (H97.101.26). (The book is a paper back edition of the original story. The title page has been removed so it is impossible to tell when it was printed, and where it was printed. (Printed on the first page is "Eastmont".) The woman who brought it in was a Librarian who told Della "'I have a Peter Rabbit book you know; I'll bring it to you.' So the next day she came in. She said 'I just took it off the shelf...I took out the card.' ..[That's terrible, but now it's going back to the City.]" "...Class and groups come in, some [will say, oh look, there's Peter Rabbit...]" This book, with its spine mended by masking tape, was kept with the mug so that children could read the story if they chose the Peter Rabbit mug from which to drink.

Used: Della's Tea Cup Cafe | Della Hardmon Guess | African American | Reading | Child | Oakland Public Library | Eastmont | Lynn Neighborhood

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