4.75 in|1 in HIGH x 4.5 in|6.25 in WIDE x 2.875 in|4.625 in DEEP
(12.06 cm|2.54 cm HIGH x 11.43 cm|15.87 cm WIDE x 7.30 cm|11.75 cm DEEP)
Gift of Mrs. Della Hardmon Guess, Della's Tea Cup Cafe

Made in France

The cups and saucers in this collection come from Della's Tea Cup Cafe, 7309 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, which was established in February, 1967. The cafe is noted for, and decorated with, a very large collection of tea cups. Some of the cups were purchased by the owner, others were presented to her as gifts, while still others were made for her. A: Cup is a very unusual shape with a cone-like top going down into the head of a sheep or goat. The Cup is white, glazed, with gold metallic decoration, including the deliniation of the animals facial features and its horns. The handle is long, slender and ornate. Both the cup and saucer are marked on the bottom "Made in France". B: Saucer is oval shaped, to accommodate the unusually shaped cup. The exterior is plain; the interior is molded with undulating ridges, scallops and decorative beading at the edge. The saucer is decorated with two lines of metallic gold at the top, on either side of pointed scallops which are also painted in the gold.

Used: Della's Tea Cup Cafe | Della Hardmon Guess | African American | Drinking | Lynn Neighborhood

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