8 in HIGH x 11.5 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 29.21 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

Photo shows groups of people walking down a cobblestone street in San Francisco following the 1906 earthquake and fire. Some people are riding in horse and buggies. In the foreground are two women wearing long aprons over their dress, possibly nurses, and hats walking hand-in-hand down the street. Tribune captions on the back, April 18, 1934-- "DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN- Two hundred thousand (estimate) San Franciscans trekked like this into the Eastbay? That pligrimage started just 28 years ago today when San Francisco was swept by 'the fire.' This shows a characteristic group oof refugees headed down Market Street for the Ferry Building- that cobblestone pavement was so the heavy truck horse wouldn't slip in wet weather. Oakland and sister-cities provided housing of a sort for the fleeing throngs who continued to trickle across the Bay for a month after the emergency had passed. Free kitchens were provided for thousands without funds while food stuffs were gathered from all over the West to augment the week's supply on hand the morning of the disaster. Free transportation 'home' was provided by Oakland bureaus when the refugees reached a point to tax existing facilities. But that was 28 years ago. This is one of a series of photographic reminiscenes of days now gone." April 13, 1986-- "After the quake and fire, San Francisco refugees walked down Market Street to the Ferry Building and headed for Oakland."

Used: Oakland Tribune

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