Oakland Defense Coun...
10.5 in|6 in|4.125 in HIGH x 14.25 in|3.5 in|4.5 in WIDE x .625 in|.125 in DEEP
(26.67 cm|15.24 cm|10.48 cm HIGH x 36.19 cm|8.89 cm|11.43 cm WIDE x 1.59 cm|.32 cm DEEP)
Gift of the Hayward Area Historical Society

Oakland Defense Coun... Room City Hall, Oakland . . . Californ , 45

A: Tan bag of cotton with matching leather straps. On the outer flap is printed "Oakland Defense Coun Room City Hall, Oakland . . . Californ , 45" (This was probably intended to read: "Oakland Defense Council, Room City Hall, Oakland . . . California, [item] 45". The bag has an outer pocket as well as the large inner bag. Items B-L were found inside the large inner bag. B-E: folded white cotton slings (probably to be used to hold sprained or broken limbs at a time of a civilian disaster). F-L: packages of "Steripad" a 4 ins. x 4 ins. 16 ply Sterile Gauze Pad, produced by Johnson & Johnson, also to be used for first aid.

Used: Civilian Defense | Homefront | World War II | Oakland

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