17.25 in HIGH x 13.5 in WIDE x 13.5 in DEEP
(43.81 cm HIGH x 34.29 cm WIDE x 34.29 cm DEEP)
Gift of Jane Yin

This is a six-sided Chinese lantern, with large, vertical, handpainted side panels of glass showing women, a bird, butterfly, flowers and trees. Six smaller, handpainted glass panels lean out from the top of the lantern, and are decorated with images of flowers and fruit. The lantern is suspended from a metal hook at the top. This piece was brought from China by Quock Ling Lang and his wife, To-Fong Lau Lang when they immigrated to Oakland, California from Canton, China, 1948-1952. The family came to Oakland over a period of time. First Quock Ling Lang and his oldest son arrived here. Later two other sons and a daughter came to California. Finally, in 1952, To-Fong Lau Lang came to California with two more sons and one more daughter. The family operated the Royal Cafe at 40th and Broadway in Oakland. This lantern hung in the restaurant. Between 1958-59 the children in the family began to marry and move into other professions.

Used: Quock Ling Lang | Immigration | Royal Cafe | Oakland

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