8 in WIDE
(20.32 cm WIDE)
In Memory of John Gerrad-Graham

This photo of Oakland Traction Co. streetcar # 45 is the same as the one in Demorro, p. 243, taken at Adeline and Ward Sts. in Berkeley. Oakland Traction was incorporated in 1906, and after a number of acquisitions, it was taken over by the Key System in 1923. (See Demorro, p.311) In this scene, #345 is standing idle on the track with its pantograph up, and a workman standing on the roof with his left arm on the pantograph itself. The car resembles a San Francisco cable car, with open platforms at each end a closed seating section at center, and was often referred to as a "Dinkey." Its round metal sign at front indicates it is on the San Pablo Ave. route, and a rectangular sign above the front window reads: 40th st. On the curb behind the car at left, a roup of women are standing, and to the right of the car a three storey house is visible. Power transmission poles and a caternary system are also present. References: Demoro, Harre W. "The Key System," Interurban Press, Glendale, CA, 1985, 2 vols, photos, maps, drawings. Ford, Robert S. "Red Trains in the East Bay," Interurban Publications, Glendale, CA, 1977, photos, maps, drawings.
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