8.25 in HIGH x 6 in WIDE x 1 in DEEP
(20.95 cm HIGH x 15.24 cm WIDE x 2.54 cm DEEP)
Gift of Craig Bates and Martha Lee

Victor L. Schaefer, Prescription Druggist, Tel. Alameda 452, Webster St. at Santa Clara, Alameda, Cal. Thos F. Ashley. 2500 Frances St., Oakland, Calif. ...

A: This is a small three hole loose leaf binder of black leather, which has turned brown on the outside, and the spine is so raw and worn that it is tan. Inside is a pocket at the front. Inserted into the pocket are several sheets of paper: B: drawing of "Evolution of a Operation" by Arthur Ewis; C: Diabetic Cogh. Syr.; D: Po Meuche...; E: Bism Subgall; F: Chlorine Bomb, written on "Golden Rule Pharmacy" slip; G: Bismuth Submtrate, written on "Dr. Jack Goodfellow" slip; H: "Formula for makeing [stet] Beer"; I: Simon Binet Wt. Test; J: Gem-Damaskeene Blades will fit...; K: Brownlow's Mt. written on S. H. Jolly & Son prescription form, Rockett, Texas, dated 1904; L: Alcohol by wgr Beer; M: Beverage for five gallons; N: Gray Aspirice; O: pamphlet on "Directors for the Use of Antivenin...North American Anti-Snake-Bite Serum; P: Argyrol Test; Q: Measuring Crtuckes; R: perscription written on S.W. Hastings, M.D. prescription pad, Monterey Calif., dated Sept. 5, 1931; S: "Gin Rx, Juniper Berries..." written on Freeman Drug Co. form, Oakland, Calif; T: flier for Dinitrophenol (DNP) "The new treatment for obesity prepared in capsule form in convenient dosage...The Cutter Laboratory, Berkeley, California..." Further description of item "A", the loose leaf binder: There are 26 tan separating sheets, each with three holes, each marked with a different letter of the alphabet. Page A has written in ink "LGG" above a red, white and black label for "Victor L. Schaefer, Prescription Druggist, Tel. Alameda 452, Webster St. at Santa Clara, Alameda, Cal; typed on the label is: "Thos F.Ashley. 2500 Frances St., Oakland, Calif." The notebook contains a variety of recipes and/or formulas for such items as "Anti Booze", "Asthma Drops", "Beer, Formula No. I", "Baking Powder", "Barbers Bay Rum", "Bed bug Poison", "Bait, Coyote No. I", "Cold Cream", "Curry Powder", "Hog Cholera", "Eradicator Ink & Stain - Freemans", "Fever Mixture - No. 3", "Fleas Off", "Headache Powders", "Hair Oil - Oriental", "Ice Cream - Bisque", "Linament - Chloroform Comp.", "Obstetrical Outfit for Drs. Hood & West", "Perfume...Ylang-Ylang,...Opera Club,...Heliotrope,...musk...", "Tonic Pills", "Removing Tattoo Marks", "Smith's Bile Beans", "Suppositories, No. 40", "Baby Cough Syrup", "Tampons", "Wine - Beef - Tron - No.1", "Water - Eye, Nevada Optical Co." Printed on the inside back cover, in gold colored letters "Loose I.P Leaf, Patented Dec. 20, 1904, Dec. 12, 1905, No. 507, Irving-Pitt Mfg. Co., Kansas City, Mo." Single sheets are found throughout the book, usually in alphabetical order (placed at the beginning of each different letter section. U: Heather Nose Drops; V: Wrestlers Eye Water on a Victor L. Schaefer form; W: Fnary; X: clipping - "Explains Precipitate In Eye Washes"; Y: Tr Vanilla; Z: Fantaus Sol.; AA: "Gin Mix"; BB: "Orang. D 8"; CC: "Gin" written on a Freeman Drug Co. form from Oakland, Calif.; DD: "Mrs. Hamlin" written on a Globe Drug Co. form from Bakersfield, Calif.; EE: clipping "Hammond's Mixture"; FF: Hay Fever, written on a Victor L. Schaefer form; GG: Falling Hair, written on a Golden Rule Pharmacy form; HH: clipping, "Horner's Ointment"; II: Haynes, Sugar Test Sol, written on an Elko Drug Co. label, Elko, Nevada; JJ: clipping, "isotonic Solution"; KK: clipping, "Red Ink Stains"; LL: brochure, "Kilaga" from Lincoln, California; MM: clipping, "Leeach Preserver"; NN: clipping, "Liquor Carbonis Detergens, B.P."; OO: clipping, "Label Varnish"; PP: brochure, "Lime Water Apparatus"; QQ: "248983"; RR: flier, "To Make Lysol Solutions of Given Percentages"; SS: "Formula for Making Cutlery."; TT: "Mandezz's Sol.", written on a sheet marked "Arthur L. Guerra, 1360 Park Street, Alameda, California"; UU: "Maloria Fever" written on Willits Pharmacies, Prescription Druggists form, Willits, California; VV: "Magenpulver" typed on a Victor L. Schaefer form; WW: "Nitro Glycerene Solvent."; XX: "O.S. Oculus Sinistral. Left Eye. Oculus dextro. O.D. Right Eye"; YY: "Mr. Ashley's 1904 Receipt for pickeling Olives" - Yuba City, Cal; ZZ: "Calif Highway Patrole P. O. Remedy"; AAA: "Hiss Hofstede", written on William Mills, M.D. form; BBB: "Ringer's Sol" written on a Victor L. Schaefer form; CCC: "Tisane Rafraichissante, Refreshing Tea..."; DDD: "To revive"...on a Ferry Drug Store form; EEE: booklet, "Fifty Delicious Rum Recipes"; FFF: leaflet, "Angostura"; GGG: flier "Preparation of Yeast..."; HHH: "I. X. L. Seasick Remedy"; III: "Spirit Tulli" written on a Dr. P. D. McLeod form, Tonopah, Nevada; JJJ: "Table Syrup"; KKK: "Stuptic"; LLL: brochure on "Mapleine"...Seattle, Washington; MMM: "3C- Tooth Ache Drops."; NNN: "George Bowres. Vet Wart Oint.", typed in red on a form from Doctors Hood & West, Elko, Nevada; OOO: "Whooping Cough"; PPP: series of notes (perhaps books) listed on a business card for "H. M. Lawrence, Ford Products, Twelfth Street at Harrison, Oakland, California, R. A. Forster, Service Depart."

Used: Thomas F. Ashley | Oakland | Victor L. Schaefer | Alameda

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