5.75 in WIDE
(14.60 cm WIDE)
In Memory of John Gerrad-Graham

Streetcar # 271 was one of 18 streetcars purchased from Lehigh Valley Traction Co. in 1901, by the Oakland Traction Co, which later was incorporated into the Key System in 1923. #271's original # was 251, but it was changed to 271 in 1917-18. (Demorro, p. 261). In 1933 "The 271 was equippped with air whistles and a pantograph and became the relief car on the Westbrae line....and in 1946 was sold to the Bay Area Electric Railroad Association. The car was featured in Berkeley's streetcar farewell parade in 1948 and operated over portions of the transbay lines in in the 1950's" (Demorro p. 264). In this photo, #271 is being used as the Bay Area Electric Railway Association Special car, even though its roller destination sign reads W. 12th St. It is moving towards the camera on a single track on a wide street (12th St?), with its rear pole trolley up. On the right of the photo, an automobile is parked in a vacant lot, rear end towards a Foster & Kleiser billboard, advertising Kilpatricks Bread. A woman is standing on the sidewalk, looking at #271. On the same side of the street a number of other autos are parked, and the curb is lined with power transmission poles and their catenary system. Double-globe street lights are on the same side of the street. The Oakland Tribune buidling is at left center rear. References: Demoro, Harre W. "The Key System," Interurban Press, Glendale, CA, 1985, 2 vols, photos, maps, drawings. Ford, Robert S. "Red Trains in the East Bay," Interurban Publications, Glendale, CA, 1977, photos, maps, drawings.
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