4.5 in WIDE
(11.43 cm WIDE)
In Memory of John Gerrad-Graham

Streetcar # 59 is near a barn at the end of the line at Leona Heights, near Mills College. It probably belonged to the Oakland Traction Co., incorporated in 1906, and later acquired by the Key System in 1923 (see Demorro, p.311). In this scene, the car has swithed off a track running from center to lower right in the photo, and is headed up a slight grade leading from center to right. It is similar in appearance to the Oakland Traction Co. car # 47 in Demorro, p. 13, a two-axle car, with clerestory roof. The motorman is leaning out the right front door, and a conductor (?) and boy are on the tracks at the car's right side. A car barn with peaked roof and closed door is at the left. A wooden bench is up against the right edge of the barn. A power pole extends up at the rear of the car, and in the background is a wooded hillside. References: Demoro, Harre W. "The Key System," Interurban Press, Glendale, CA, 1985, 2 vols, photos, maps, drawings. Ford, Robert S. "Red Trains in the East Bay," Interurban Publications, Glendale, CA, 1977, photos, maps, drawings.
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