5.62 in WIDE
(14.27 cm WIDE)
In Memory of John Gerrad-Graham

Key System car #323 (similar in appearance to car #331 in Demorro, p.256) is in front of the car barn at the end of the line at Leona Heights, near Mills College. Its pole troley is up, the car is unoccupied, and the front and rear doors are open, so it is presumably out of service. In the foreground are tracks and a switch. In the background are wooded hills. A corner of the barn is at the extreme left, and a bungalow is at the extreme right. Two power transmission poles are visible behind the car. Paper signs are attached to two of the windows; on one of them the lettering "Baseball" is barely legible. A boy in knickers and two girls are posing in front of the car.
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