"The Open Valve" was an industrial magazine distributed to the workers of the Nordstrom Valve Division of Rockwell Manufacturing Co., Oakland, California. Issues frequently had article about the employees and various celebrations. In this issue a farewell party and wedding shower are noted with photographs. The cover of this issue shows Kepler Cascade Falls in Yellowstone National Park(photo in black and white, with red trim). A camera contest is announced. Men on a hunting/fishing trip are shown on horseback. The members of the Accounting Department are also pictured along with a description of the department. Sports seemed to be important for employee morale, with articles about bowling and softball and a checker game. A variety of work clothing is shown for men and women. There's an article about Ernie Langner, a draftsman for the company. There's also a reminder of the free chest x-rays available on August 22-23 for Tuberculosis. The back cover shows a phot story of Leslie Salt and Nordstrom Valves.

Used: employee | Nordstrom Valve Division of Rockwell Manufacturing Co. | Oakland | Business

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