"The Open Valve" was an industrial magazine distributed to the workers of the Nordstrom Valve Division of Rockwell Manufacturing Co., Oakland, California. Issues frequently had article about the employees and various celebrations. In this issue a farewell is noted with a photograph. The cover of this issue shows a series of young women from various departments in the company modeling "Easter Hats" from H. C. Capwell Company: Donna Metzger, Madeline Crosby, Peggy Hayden, Pat Rhinehart, Dwila Egleston, Ruth Braun, Eileen Niedermeyer and Gertie Spense(photo in black and white, with orchid colored trim, including an Easter Egg at the top). There's an article a new power plant, Dave Cox/cartoonist, use of the Nordstrom Blood Bank, and musician Dick Contino.A camera contest is announced. Men are showing riding a stage coach from Redding to Weaverville as part of the celebration of the Gold Rush Centennial. A party with a Gold Rush Centennial theme was also featured. Sports seemed to be important for employee morale, with articles about bowling, softball, checker games and Bob Harris who flys model airplanes. A variety of work clothing is shown for men and women. There's an article about Carl Jones, a carpenter for the company. There's a series of photographs of a Whist Party.

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